What is a hydroponic system?

As the technology has advanced further, now people can grow indoor gardens with the help of a garden system. You don’t need a backyard or soil anymore, just get a hydroponic system for your home and you are good to go. How does it work and why should you use it? We have answered all the questions below which will help you in understand the benefits and uses of a hydroponic system.

What is a Hydroponic System?

A Hydroponic system like Aerogarden is a method of growing plants without the help of the soil. You remember the process of Photosynthesis, in that process you always needed sunlight, carbon dioxide, chlorophyll, water, and oxygen to perform the process which was responsible for the growth of the plants. As you notice there was never a mention of soil, so as technology has advanced we have realized that it is possible to grow plants inside your home without the need of soil.

All you need is a nutrient-based solution and oxygen and provide it to your parents and they would start growing in a jiffy. In a hydroponics system, various soil substitutes are used like rocks, pebbles, clays, etc. and the main purpose is to get the roots of the plants in contact with the nutrient-based solution and air, which is essential for your plant’s growth.

Why use a Hydroponics System?

Well, if you wish to grow plants but don’t have any ground nearby to sow the seeds then hydroponics system is the perfect choice for you. It won’t only grow your plants beautifully but these plants will mature 25% faster and will produce up to 30% more than the plants which would have grown in the soil.

Another benefit of using a hydroponics system is that your plants would not be fighting for the nutrients as all of them would be provided with sufficient nutrition and they would not need a lot of water too as there won’t be any evaporation in these systems. This is an effective way to conserve water and reduce waste while growing bigger and better plants.

What are a few drawbacks of using a Hydroponics System?

While there is no doubt that a hydroponics system will produce better and bigger plants, the initial cost of setting a hydroponics might not be cheap. Apart from the initial cost, you would always need to stock up on the seeds, nutrient solution, dirt, etc. which won’t come cheap either.

Another major drawback of this system is that some of the big scale systems could require a lot of time for you to learn and would require the help of an expert. These type of systems won’t be easy to install and would take a greater time to be setup properly. The constant effort of checking the pH balance and maintaining the water and nutrient supply could take a lot of your time too.

Another drawback is that if there is any pump failure or power cut, your plants won’t be able to survive without the nutrients and the system and would die in a few hours.


A hydroponics systems is a great choice for all those who want to grow their own plants and have time to do so but one must make an informed choice before getting one for their own home.

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Atlantic Gaming Desk – Our Review for 2016

A gaming table desk is an antique desk which combines the type of surface required for writing and a surface which is veneered for any kind of pattern for a board game. It also provides sufficient storage for writing implements and a separate space for gaming accessories.

With the gradual creation of specialized rooms in the homes of the nobility during the French revolution, specialized furniture soon followed. The trend from large to small soon became apparent, and this was showcased in furniture too.

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The work space became much more important and this led to smaller sized furniture, increased portability and delicately placed desks and tables which had more than one use.

The games table desk has a great variety of forms. The desk is not entirely an antique though the idea was based on one. With new times, the games desk has been stylized and transformed in gigantic proportions, thus being fitted to create everlasting designs which make each and every gaming accessory have a right place.

Atlantic gaming desk

  • An easy to assemble desk with eight gaming accessories.
  • Your gaming center is entirely organized because of the eight holders.
  • Now you have a designated space for everything, thus minimizing clutter and maximizing productivity and enjoyment.
  • This gaming desk is practical, modern and stylish.
  • Being reviewed by gaming experts and deemed perfectly fit for use, the Atlantic gaming desk is the perfect gaming accessory for flaunting and use.
  • It is constructed from durable steel and is PVC laminated.
  • The lamination gives it the extra years that it lasts for, thus being your everlasting gaming bud for a long time to come.
  • The features it has ensures years of gaming experience without any disadvantages.
  • It has a steel rod frame construction.
  • It has a black carbon fiber pattern.
  • The cable management system is divine.
  • The charging station and speaker trays are totally on point, thus giving you no room to complain about battery problems or the explosion noises not being as effective as you thought. You’ll have no qualms where that is concerned.
  • It has a storage drawer and cup holder which makes your gaming experience all the more intense and practical. You can avoid spills or untoward accidents because of the very same reason.
  • The two controller hooks are bound to have your controlled fixed beautifully, thus leaving no space for error or a wrong move because of generally jittery controllers, that don’t have any particular place to be fixed.
  • Gaming desks are mostly considered to be over rated, since people assume that any desk can be converted into gaming desks. But true gamers know the difference which can be ascertained from the surface area and how gaming tables can truly be used to their best benefit. Even the surface panels are different and not smooth, whereas other office desks or writing desks have a smooth surface which does not settle well with gamers.
  • In order to clean gaming desks, its best to use electro stat dust clothes to clean it.

Also, keeping an extra cold or hot container directly on the surface is not going to do any good. Always makes sure to keep the surface protected and laminated at all times. This increases the durability of the desk.

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How to Give an antique look to Your furniture

Most of us would like our furniture to look antique rather than new and shiny. Here a few steps to do it yourself using simple methods and tools.

Material required-

  • Piece of furniture(Chair,table,bookcase)
  • satin latex paint (base coat)
  • a wood stain (top coat)
  • painting tools
  • paint wax
  • candle
  • medium-grade steel wool
  • sandpaper
  • tack cloth
  • polyurethane to finish
  • A thickness Planer


  1. Sand the furniture you want to distress. If the object already has a finish ,sand all surfaces. After sanding, wipe the furniture with a tack cloth.
  2. Paint the furniture in the appropriate base coat color selected.
  3. For the bare-wood look: When the base coat is dry, sand off areas that would naturally end up distressed — places where hands would have held it, or corners that could easily get nicked.

For the colored look: Rub a candle wax on the areas where you’d like to see color. Also, do the sides and back of the furniture; you want the entire piece to be finished. Now, you can apply the top coat.

  1. For the bare-wood look: Make sure you don’t sand off too much, later wipe the entire piece with the tack cloth.

For the colored look: Use Paint over the base coat and the wax. Cover the furniture well.Rub the steel wool over the areas  waxed.


  1. In the end,apply a finish.

Source: http://drillpressreviews.net


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How To Maintain And Grow A Lifestyle Blog

Now that you are done with setting up and designing your lifestyle, it’s time to think about when and how you will find time to write for your blog.The best tool that I know is called a topic planner. First of all, find out 4-5 sub topics in your niche that you will cover on your blog.

These could be:-

Once you have a list of your own made, it’s time to decide how often you are going to post. Some people, who have lots of time, posts 3-4 times a week, others post on a weekly basis.Decide the time schedule and then allocate sub topic to each of the set working days.This way, you will only have one thing to do for your blog. If you can limit the no. of things your blogs demands from you, you will be able to write more effectively and consistently.

For example, since I am a professional blogger, I have write blog posts for my blogs and for people in my network (guest posts), so I have schedule days for both. This way, I know that my blog will gain consistent content and traffic.

How to never run out of content for your lifestyle blog

This tip is the most important!Buy a notebook and keep it with you at all times.Especially in the first week of starting a blog, you will get thousands of blog post ideas. As soon as you get a topic idea for a blog post, write it down in the notebook. It is impossible that you can write all 1000 blog posts in the first week, therefore, if you will them down in a notebook, you will have at least topics for 1 year.

This step will make sure that you never have to sit down and think for a blog post idea. You just have to open your notebook and you will get the idea. This is what I do to keep track of what blog posts I can write.

Personal photos vs Stock photos

Stock photos are expensive, so if you are just starting out, you should use your own photos. Create an account on flickr.com and publish all your photos there and license them under Creative Commons 3.0.Once you are making some money off your lifestyle blog, invest in a stock photo plan. Stock photos are clearer than personal photos, hence are worth spending money on.You will also develop another lifelong hobby if you take pictures for your own blog.

Once you are done with this, the next step and the final step is to join a blogging community. If you can network with other lifestyle bloggers in your area, you will always have someone to share your triumphs with and hence you will never get demotivated.

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5 Quick Kitchen Secrets That You Ought to Know

A kitchen is a magical unit where the solutions are just a box or a bottle away but there use on the promptness of the worker’s mind.

With years, technology has significantly shaped up a contemporary style kitchen with fast machines but this kitchen quick -fixes extracted using the old age experience of our aged experts are very powerful to start with.

Kitchen Secrets

You might be knowing some or not. Anyway, they would help you in some little troubles that have haunted you always. These trips are low on money ànd time but high on returns.

1. Eggs do have an expiry

Believe no more on the notion you had and always consumed eggs blindly. Unlike other food items, eggs expiry is not mentioned, but it doesn’t mean that they are always fresh.

To check, break the egg into a cup  of water and observe it’s behaviour. While the fresh one will sink, whereas other will float at the top of the water.

2. Extend the expiry date of Veggies

Place some made paper tools at the surface of your refrigerator.They will surely suck any amount of moisture that makes the vegetables loose their age.

3. Raise that Bubbly toast always

You don’t always need to throw that left sparkling wine or champagne that is now flat. With our this fix, you can easily restore the bubbles.

Drop a few raisins (make sure only one or two) into the bottle. The natural sugars present in the magical dry fruit will bring back the bubbles.

4. Buying the Right Faucet goes a long way

Buying the right kitchen faucet can make a huge difference in the amount of water you end up wasting and the amount of time it takes you to clean your dishes. You can find reviews at KitchenGuyd.com.

5 . Rejoice,  after all, they are lemons

Sometimes in a bid to get few drops of lemon juice we Blindly cut the entire lemon in a half which is just the most inefficient way and kills the whole fruit as this cut accelerates its untimely death.

The actual way is to create a tiny hole in the fruit using a metal skewer and extract out just exactly the amount you need. 

6. Let the herbs live longer

Make the unlimited use of the  plastic bags here. Before letting them in the freezer naked always wash, rinse and seal them inside an airtight plastic bag, this facilitates them to defrost easily as soon as they come in touch of heated pan.

7 . Don’t let the bugs in

Bay leaf is at your rescue, always put a leaf into containers of flour, pasta, or rice.

8. Bring your old muffins back to life

Two easy steps can help you enjoy those old cupcakes, so just sprinkle some water over them before placing them in a paper bag and let them pop in a hot oven for five to 10 seconds,  The steam generated in the process will restore moisture and taste.

9. Protect your cheese.

Letting it dry can may not be always affordable  to maintain  you cheese healthy you can spread butter at the edges and zip in the moisture.

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8 Things You’ll find in the Fridge of a Fitness Freak

Being a health freak is not just an easy cool tag, but it does carry some important responsibilities ranging from being punctual towards gymming or only knowing what’s right to eat or not. To be a real health preacher, we expect you to include the following items.

Fitness foods

In your fridge :

1. Milk variants

No not your full cream delicacy rather it should be totally excluded from your refrigerator if you are essaying the role of a health freak.All you need is “Skimmed milk” or soy milk (that too fortified). But don’t be a huge fan of dairy products like cheese,butter because they lead to acidity and then the body automatically extracts the natural salt from the bones leaving them weak and vulnerable.

But don’t be a huge fan of dairy products like cheese, butter because they lead to acidity, nd then the body automatically extracts the natural salt from the bones leaving them weak and vulnerable.

2 . Some fresh crunchy fruits /Deep frozen pulp

All the health freaks would agree when it comes to keeping fruits in an air tight plastic bag. It’s advisable to keep washed fruits in a plastic bag before dumping them into your fridge naked, this also attracts kids to grab them all and gorge on something healthy.

3 . Coconut milk Yogurt

It’s a must for all those seeking healthy digestion. But if you are faithful to your tag, don’t succumb to flavoured yogurt which is a trend these days. Instead, buy a plain lot and add your fresh fruits into it for instant flavour and refreshing taste.

Though usually of the commercially packed yogurt contains lactose, high amounts of casein, etc.

While on a trip to food shopping don’t forget to swipe off the shelf of coconut milk yogurt since it doesn’t lead to health issues created by other dairy.

4. That green leafy salad

Ordinary Salads may not be fun but health comes in only when you start relying on bulky green plant based vegetables like baby spinach or lettuce. And make a salad that is 100% home made with no added dressing (commercially packed), these dressings add negative value to your salads. Rather opt for a quick home made dressing by adding organic raw vinegar, virgin olive oil (or skip it) and top it up with some herbs/spices.

5. Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken is the holy grail for any bodybuilder. Just grill it in a good smoker (find the best ones at bestpelletsmoker.com).

6. So Tortillas because bread has to stay away

Breads are culprits and their crime is bad health. Try maintaining a distance from bread and other bakery products. In case it gets tougher you can gorge on Tortillas.

7. Then butter

Yes you read it right we just mentioned butter but lets be precise by quoting Peanut butter.
Apart from peanut butter other nutty butter variants help too.

8. Veggie burgers that are made from soy protein.

If you are an health freak let these things rule your fridge and mind because they can let you attain that desired figure and surely their display will ultimately urge people to behold you as an example when it comes to healthy shape and healthy eating habits.


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5 Step Guide to ensure that a crib is safe for new born babies

A comprehensive 5-step guide to help new parents understand sleeping requirements of babies and make sure their cribs is safe.

There are two common ways of sleeping a baby

a) co-sleeping and

b) crib-sleeping

In co-sleeping, babies sleep along their mothers in the same bed, where in crib-sleeping, babies sleep in crib.

Cribs come in several sizes and contain several moveable parts. To protect a new born baby, parents must learn the proper use of baby cribs.

At some time, you will have to leave your baby in a crib unattended. If you will learn about its proper assembly, use and risks, you can make sure you baby remains safe in it.

Without learning about the proper usage of the crib, and understanding the risks involved, you are putting your baby to a risk of irritability, injury of even SIDS. SIDS stands for sudden infant death syndrome which affects a significant amount of people every year.


Following are the steps that you can take to ensure that your baby crib is safe:-

Step 1: Check the assembly of the crib

While assembling a new baby crib, read the reference manual carefully before you start connecting the pieces together.

Modern baby cribs have certain safety standards to maintain, as per new laws, so while they are much safer than their predecessors, it is still advised to go with what manufacturer recommends.

If some instructions are hard to understand, or some of the pieces of crib are missing, contact your seller or manufacturer and ask them to resolve this issue for you.

Caution: Do not try to do all the things on your own. If you run into trouble, don’t be shy in asking for help. An improper job at assembling a baby crib may endanger your baby.

Step 2: Examine the crib for any problematic areas

Take a hard look at the crib to see if there are any pieces that can injure your baby.

Here are a few key things to look at:-

  • See if there are any loose bolts, screws of awnings present. If they are, remove them, they could collapse or fall on your baby
  • if the crib is made of wood, feel the surface with your hand to see if it sanded and polished smoothly
  • look for sharp edges and rough spots – if you find any sharp edges, get them fixed before you sleep your baby in the crib
  • Ensure that hooks that keep mattresses in place are working fine. Faulty hooks could result in mattress flipping over accidentally
  • take the two-finger to ensure that there is a gap of no more than two fingers between the crib and the mattress
  • avoid corner posts great than 1/16 inches

Step 3: Ensure the crib lined used is well-fitted

  • Do not use general linen cloth to spread at the bottom of the crib, use crib linen
  • make sure that crib linen is of the exact same dimension as the crib so that it fits snugly
  • if the linen is not fitted, it could cause suffocation to the baby

Step 4: Be aware of crib recalls

Sometimes, government releases new safety standards for cribs and the cribs that are already out in the market but do not comply with the new standards are recalled by the manufacturer.

Be aware of the status of your current crib. If you already have a crib then you can find the best crib mattresses here.

Here’s how:-

  • when you buy a crib, note down its brand name, product name and serial number – this will let you track the status of your crib
  • keep the retail invoice and documentation safety – this will let you get a new crib for your old crib
  • if a recall is issued, get your crib replaced – Call the customer car of the crib’s manufacturer and give them the serial number of your crib. They will arrange for pickup service.

Step 5: Consider using a bassinet

If for some reason, your child is not feeling comfortable in a crib, which is quite common, try using a bassinet. Especially in first few years of infancy, children do not feel comfortable sleeping in cribs, in those years, sleeping babies in bassinet is a better option.

Here are few tips to keep in mind:-

  • take a look at the base of the bassinet, make sure it sits firmly at ground
  • place the bassinet in your room, besides your bed
  • ensure that the bassinet doesn’t have any loose parts
  • Use only certified mattresses inside bassinets. Mattresses are certified by government authorities for firmness. Also, make sure the size of the mattress is comparable to the base of the bassinet. The mattress must fit snugly in a bassinet.
  • do not hang any toys or dangling items in the bassinet
  • do not leave any milk bottle or juice bottle in the bassinet
  • place your baby in the bassinet on his back
  • if you have a used bassinet, make sure to clean it thoroughly before sleeping your baby in it
  • do not use bassinets for toddlers that make a lot of movement and cannot sit still

By following the 5 steps mentioned above, you can make sure that you create a healthy sleeping environment for your baby.

Sleeping patterns of babies are quite diverse and your job as a parent is to make sure that you baby gets enough sleep.

This is quite crucial because sleep is linked with good emotional and physical well-being. I hope with this article I am able to give you some guidelines to follow.


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Beginners Guide: How to Install and use Router Bits for Performance and Safety

Routers are one of the first tools that Woodworkers add to their inventory, simply because they are so versatile in giving aesthetic appeal to wooden projects.

As of now, there are two major types of routers available in the market – fixed-base types and plunger type. Fixed-based routers maintain depth throughout its operation while plunger type routers allow you to go deeper into the wood stock and make a deeper cut.

In addition to that, there are ten types of basic bits available for both types of routers. These give basic profiles to wood stock edges and can be used together to give compound profiles to wood stock edges. Here they are:-

  1. Dado bit
  2. Rabbeting bit
  3. Beading bit
  4. Chamfer bit
  5. Cove bit
  6. Dovetail bit
  7. Ogee bit
  8. Roundnose bit
  9. Roundover bit
  10. V-groove bit

In this guide, you will learn how to install these bits properly and use them to get the best results from your router.

Procedure to Install Router Bits

Router bits generally are quite strong, but if they are not installed perfectly into router’s collet, they can produce excessive chatter and may even break. Thus it is critical to understand how to install router bits perfectly and get the best results.

First step here is to inspect the router bit. Check if it is clean, sharp and free of pitch. If the bit is dull, burned or chip, consider sharpening it, or simply get a new bit.

While installing the bit in the collet of your router, insert the bit into the router till the shank reaches the bottom of the router. Do not tighten it at this position, instead lift the bit by 1/8 – ¼ inches and then tighten the collet.

At the time of tightening, at least 3/4th of the length of the shank should be sitting inside the collet of the router. If the length is less than ¾ then that means that bit encased is too short. Consider replacing it with a new and longer bit.

That’s it! This is the procedure to ensure that you perfectly insert bits into routers.

Safety measures to follow

Whenever you use a router, ensure that you are wearing proper safety gear i.e. a certified pair of safety glasses, and hearing protection. Routers tend to be very noisy at times and can cause damage to your ears.

Second thing to ensure is that your router is set to operate at the speed, manufacturer designed it to. If the speed is not adjusted correctly, the performance of your router will go down and the bit might break.

Also, before you begin with routing wood stock edges, give its motor, time to reach to optimal speed. Routing performed at less than optimal speeds is sure to result in sloppy edges.

Keep these tips in mind and get amazing results from your investment.

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